ABMF Advantages

  • Automated. Fully-automatic filtration.
    The filter mechanics combined with the control provide for a fully-automatic, practical and cost-saving operation.  
  • Clean. Very high filtration fineness.
    Up to three filter belts can simultaneously be used. This allows an exact adjustment of the filter fineness from 950 μm up to 50 μm.  
  • Permanent. Extruder operation during screen belt feed.
    By storing temporarily the plastics melt, also during the screen feed, the extruder continues running and guarantees high process reliability.  
  • Effective. High throughput rates.
    With gentle processing, an additional support plate supports the filter belt and keeps the melt pressure increase low.  
  • Continuous. Continuous filter area replacement.
    Via the automatic belt feed, the filter areas are continuously replaced, thus, the melt quality remains continuously high.  
  • Efficient. Very low operating costs.
    Besides the automatic operation of the filter with high plastics throughput, the use of filter belts with dutch weave meshes ensures low operating costs at high output.