CMF / CMF-ECO Continuous piston screen changer

Two screen carrier pistons built in heated filter housing are fed by partial melt channels with contaminated melt.

In case of required screen change, one of the two screen carrier pistons is moved out of the housing. The screen can now be changed and then the screen carrier piston is moved back into the housing. During screen change, the entire melt stream is directed through in housing remaining screen. Afterwards, the screen in second piston is changed in the same way. The hydraulics for moving the screen carrier pistons can be operated either manually or automatically.

For CMF-ECO version the retrofit kit for back flush function is not applicable.


  • Allrounder. Filtration of industrial and production waste
  • Products. Pipe, profile and film production
  • Versatile. For polyolefins, many engineering plastics and hotmelt adhesives
  • High temperature. Process temperatures up to 350°C
  • Flexible. Process pressures up to 350 bar

Customer benefits

  • Efficient. No dead zones in melt channel
  • Practically. Simple but robust design
  • Speed. Short remaining time of melt
  • Steady. No production shut down


  • Steam or fluid heated
  • One hydraulic to operate several screen changers
  • High temperature execution
  • CMF-ECO execution