ABMF PET - Automatic belt melt filter for PET

Optimally adpated to the processing parameters of the thermoplastic plastic, BritAS presents the ABMF PET as latest innovation.

Perfect for PET. 
Temperature control and heating capacity are designed for higher processing temperatures. Furthermore, the filter sealing is optimized by a mandrel guide for lower viscosities. The ABMF PET does not require any water cooling and is equipped with a new compact hydraulic system. Filter surface as well as channel guidance are also designed for throughputs with PET.

Your advantages
Automated. Fully-automatic filtration. 
Clean. Very high filtration fineness. 
Permanent. Extruder operation during screen belt feed.
Effective. Very high throughput rates. 
Perfect. Homogeneity of the plastics melt. 
Efficient. Very low operating costs. 
Modular. Modular design, platform technology and space-saving. 
User-friendly. Pleasant filter operation via central unit. 
Practical. Uncomplicated maintenance.