Consistently high-quality recycled pellets with fully automated melt filtration system and dual cavity technology

High-quality recycled PET pellets with low operating costs and fully automated technology – these are the hallmarks of the Automatic Belt Melt Filter (ABMF) series from the German manufacturer BritAS Filtration Systems.

To effectively and efficiently filter contaminants from plastic waste, the BritAS filter automatically provides fresh screen mesh at every filter change without stopping production. This ensures consistently high-quality recycled pellets are produced and contaminants are discharged from the machine with very little loss of melt.

The ABMF PET-C is designed with proven technology, comes equipped with special features and is technically optimized. The melt filter is particularly suited for underwater and strand pelletizing. With a filtration fineness up to 20 µm and minimal melt loss of <1.0%, the BritAS AMBF PET-C system offers impressive performance all down the line.

  • ABMF PET-C Continuous: A new dual cavity technology ensures continuous melt flow.

Your benefits

Automated. Fully automated filtration

The combination of filter mechanics and control system allows for fully automated, practical operation in dual cavity mode.

Continuous process. No intermediate storage of melt

Filtration of post-consumer waste without stopping production is ideal for continuous processing and consistent
pellet quality.

Clean. High filtration fineness (up 20 µm and finer).

Up to three screen filters can be used at the same time. This allows users to set the exact filter fineness – up 20 µm and finer.

Contamination. Particularly well suited to hard contamination.

The ABMF PET-C system is the perfect solution for heavily contaminated PET plastic waste or PET-like, low-viscosity materials.

Permanent. Extruder operation during screen belt feed.

The extruder also continues to run during screen feed and ensures process stability.

Efficient. Very low operating costs.

The optimized interior of the ABMF PET-C and its redesigned heating system keep operating costs for the melt filter low.

Effective. High throughput rates.

In addition to the automatic operation of the dual cavity filter with high plastic throughput, the use of screen filters with Dutch weave mesh ensures high output.

Material applications

Can be used for post-consumer plastic waste with a focus on PET and PET-like materials, including low-viscosity plastics such as PA.

  • Process plastic waste with high levels of contaminants
  • Ideally suited for FINES from washing plants and backwashing lumps from back-flush systems
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BritAS Filter

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