ABMF CContinuous - Continuous - Automatic Belt Melt Filter with downstream unit

The downstream unit guarantees a continuous melt flow.

In order to filter contaminations effectively and efficiently out of plastics waste, in case of the BritAS filter, the filter fabric is fully-automatically changed. Thus, the regranulate quality remains constantly high and the contamination is discharged out of the machine with a very low loss of melt. By an intermediate container for the melt, the upstream extruder is permanently running.

Filtration material

Suitable for post-consumer and post-industrial plastics waste and agricultural film.

Technical data

Certified. Certified according to EN 15343ff, excellent regranulate characteristics.

  • Modular. Modular design, platform technology and space-saving.
  • User-friendly. Pleasant filter operation via central unit.
  • Practical. Uncomplicated maintenance.
  • Failproof. Optimized processing process and steady process parameters.
  • Successful. Screen change procedure up to every 2 minutes.