ABMF-TH Twin HeadBig filter area for higher grade of contamination.

Big filter area for higher grade of contamination.
Up to 3.200 cm² (2 x 1.600) / 496 sqin (2 x 248) available.

Continuous process.

  • Combination of 2 ABMF filter units with manifold block.
  • Omission of buffer cylinder.
  • Low pressure deviation at change between ABMF cavities.

Compact design.

  • Both ABMF units almost vertical mounted.
  • Short melt channels.
  1. Continuous melt flow through both filter heads. Initiation of fully automatic screen change when the adjustable limit pressure has been reached in filter head 1 in front of the screen. Valves 1.1 and 1.2 close and the space in front of the screen is depressurized. Wedges open in parallel and re-lease screen belt fixation. Melt flows continuously through filter head 2.
  2. The screen is guided by driven transport rollers until clean screen is in the filter zone again.
  3. Wedges close and screen is fixed and sealed again. Valves 1.1 and 1.2 open and melt flows into filter head 1 again.
  4. Process 1-3 is repeated at filter head 2. After that, the screen change process is completed.
FilterFilter area [cm²]Filter area [sqin]*max. output [kg/h]*max. output [lbs/h]
ABMF-0570-TH1.140176,81.000 – 2.5002.200 – 5.500
ABMF-0750-TH1.500232,61.200 – 2.8002.650 – 6.200
ABMF-1050-TH2.100325,61.500 – 4.5003.970 – 9.920
ABMF-1600-TH3.2004961.800 – 6.0004.000 – 13.250

*output figures for LDPE depending on material and degree of contamination