CMF-BFContinuous piston screen changer with back flush function

For applications with higher levels of contamination and frequent screen change intervals, the continuous piston screen changer with back flush function CMF-BF is used.

This filter type is able to clean the screens automatically. The back flush attachment includes two pistons which automatically perform the back flushing process.

When a filter change is required, one of the two back flush pistons is moved into the back flush position first. As a result, the melt inflow of the corresponding filter is interrupted. A small melt stream of already purified material is diverted and passed backwards through the filter to be cleaned and discharged to the outside. Subsequently, this process is automatically repeated for the second filter.

Filter typeScreen area[cm²]Output*[kg/h]Screen diameter


2 x 45

80 – 195

2 x 76,3


2 x 72

130 – 290

2 x 96,3


2 x 106

190 – 430

2 x 116,3


2 x 122

220 – 490

2 x 125,0


2 x 172

310 – 690

2 x 148,3


2 x 244

430 – 980

2 x 176,3


2 x 314

560 – 1260

2 x 200,0

Hint: further dimensions and output rates on demand!

*Output rates are only benchmarks


  • Allrounder. Filtration of industrial and production waste
  • Products. Pipe, profile and film production
  • Versatile. For polyolefins, many engineering plastics and hotmelt adhesives


  • High temperature. Process temperatures up to 350°C
  • Flexible. Process pressures up to 350 bar

Customer benefits

  • In time. Within seconds in back flush position!
  • Fast. Easy and quick retrofit from standard to back flush function
  • Economical. Low melt loss at back flush


  • Practically. Quick mounting of retainer, no bayonet lock necessary
  • Efficient. Short back flush process


  • Steam or fluid heated
  • One hydraulic to operate several screen changers
  • High temperature execution
  • CMF-ECO execution