Gas Control Continuous quality control during pellet production

By permanent measurement, the BritAS Gas Control GC1500 & GC3000 ensures the quality of the pellets during production.

The BritAS gas control detects first signs of foamed pellets and activates the deflector for second quality or waste if the parameters defined by the customer have not been reached. Without this control unit, there is a mixing of high-quality pellets already produced with low-quality waste.

Your advantages

  • Permanent. Quality control of the produced pellets.
    With permanent measurement by the gas control, the quality of the pellets remains constant.
  • Flexible. Different sets of parameters are available.
    The BritAS gas control allows to save different material parameters and, if required, to modify the measuring system quickly.
  • Clear. Acquisition of production data.
    By the acquisition of production quantities of high-quality and low-quality goods, an evaluation on a daily basis is available.
  • Traceable. Documentation of the product quality.
    Based on data recording, all product modifications are traceable.

Test material

The BritAS gas control can be used for all types of polymer.

Test categories

The advantage of this line is, that all parameters – also the number of  deflectors – can freely be selected and defined by the customer.

For example, the following categories are possible:

  1. Quality goods – no gas inclusion
  2. Quality goods, second quality – low gas inclusion
  3. Waste – heavy gas inclusionen

Technical data

  • Capacity: up to 3000 kg/h
  • Weight: approx. 800 kg
  • Dimensions: height of approx. 6 m
  • Connected load: 7.5 KW
  • Compressed air consumption: 15 l/h at 7 – 10 bar

If desired, slight density fluctuations (slightly foamed melt) can positively be influenced by an automatic extruder-speed adjustment.