BritAS at the FAKUMA 2023: Innovation continuous piston screen changer at the booth:- Backflush process as clear competitive advantage
- Lower loss of material, quicker process, less black spots

At this year`s FAKUMA, BritAS presents its innovative, continuous piston screen changer with backflush function CMF-BF. This machine is a clear leader on the market and offers many advantages to customers – especially, due to the backflush process.

The piston screen changer series includes four filter types – discontinuous and continuous types, which cover all customer requirements. They are designed for recycling of plastic waste, which have a lower contamination. Piston screen changers are mainly used in the post-industry and post-production sector as well as for virgin materials. Depending on the required throughputs and different operating modes, customers choose between the discontinuous version – mainly with one piston – resp. the continuous version – with two pistons.

BritAS backflush process more efficient, quicker, and cleaner for customers
Compared with the international competitors, BritAS with its continuous Piston Screen Changer CMF-BF is completely different. „Our unique backflush procedure has many advantages. The loss of melt is considerably reduced, the process is more efficient and quicker – that means, our customers save time and money “, explains Heiko Henss, CEO BritAS Recycling Anlagen GmbH.

Less backflush losses as well as less black spots
By an optimal design of the melt channels, filters and breaker plate geometries, deposits and thus black spots are mostly avoided. Side benefit: Low backflush losses.

The CMF-BF can clean the filters automatically. In an attachment module, there are two backflush pistons, which allow an automatic backflush procedure. In case of a necessary filter change, first, one of the two backflush pistons is moved in backflush position and the melt inlet of the corresponding filter is interrupted. A small melt flow of the material, which has already been cleaned, is separated, is guided backwards through the filter to be cleaned and guided outwards. Then, this procedure is repeated automatically for the second filter.

As option, the CMF-BF is available with fluid heating, steam heating or as high-temperature version.

17 – 21 October 2023