ABMF-BV-CAutomatic Belt Melt Filter Before Venting

The AMBF-BV-C Before Venting model features a fine filtration prior to the degassing process.

In order to filter contaminations effectively and efficiently out of plastics waste, in case of the BritAS filter, the filter fabric is fully-automatically changed. Thus, the regranulate quality remains constantly high and the contamination is discharged out of the machine with a very low loss of melt. By an intermediate container for the melt, the upstream extruder is permanently running.

Filtration material

Suitable for post-consumer and post-industrial plastics waste and agricultural film.

  1. Continuous melt flow through the screen. Before reaching the set limit pressure in front of the screen, the rear accumulator is filled with melt.
  2. Initiation of the fully automatic screen change when the adjustable limit pressure in front of the screen has been reached. Both valves (front and rear) close and space in the filter head is depressurized. Plastic melt coming from the extruder moves front accumulator piston downward and thus increases the buffer volume at the rear. The rear storage piston conveys the melt stored in front of it in parallel in the direction of the pelletizer (= continuous melt flow). Wedges open in parallel and release screen fixation.
  3. The screen belt is conveyed by driven transport rollers until clean screen is in the filter zone again.
  4. Wedges close and screen is fixed and sealed again. Front and rear valves open and the melt flows back into the filter zone.
  5. The front accumulator piston is moved upwards at an adjustable speed and adds the amount of ma-terial that was taken up during the screen change. When both accumulator pistons have reached the upper end position, the screen change process is completed.

Technical data

Certified. Certified according to EN 15343ff, excellent regranulate characteristics.

  • Modular. Modular design, platform technology and space-saving.
  • User-friendly. Pleasant filter operation via central unit.
  • Practical. Uncomplicated maintenance.
  • Failproof. Optimized processing process and steady process parameters.
  • Successful. Screen change procedure up to every 2 minutes.